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Mekice website will be getting shut down on July 6th, 2018, after two years of operating. It was a great idea and we appreciate all the support we've got. For inquries, email

Self help is fair, do it from anywhere. Let us show you how

We're a California registered non profit (pending) organization dedicated to building free online tools for mental health support

Let's stay well together

Mekice has two products that can aid people in their self-help efforts, the journal and symptoms management.


This is a personalized list of symptoms one might have during a lifetime of recovery from a mental health condition. During the good days, simply create a list of all your symptoms and then figure out which coping skills are you going to use to manage each symptom when it occurs during one of the bad days.


This journal is like no other. Mekice employs volunteers that can help you analyze your journal entries in search for errors in thinking, also known as cognitive distortions. Simply write your journal entries regularly, and if you ever need feedback from a Mekice Coach, click the "Ask for Feedback" button.


Mekice has a Facebook Messenger Bot at It's built to help people journal and track their mood from within Facebook, without having to login to Mekice. This makes journaling and symptom management much easier.

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